Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time again...

For puppy pictures :)

It is so hard for me to believe they are 10 1/2 months old already! Craziness!!! They are both growing up so fast and into such nice dogs. I am so very happy I bred this litter!

Both pups are still being exposed to stock...and both are getting more and more mature each time :) Should be ready to go soon! Hopefully the winter will be mild so we can get some training started :)

Both are also doing well in agility training. Even has been on rest for a few weeks because she hurt a toenail...she is back on leash walks, but not running around, so her training is a bit on hold :( But she will be back in no time.

Lynn is doing well, working on foundation stuff (can one ever have enough foundation work??) and she is a handful, barky and full of herself. Just like I like them! OK...well maybe not as much barking :)

So I took some pics today to show everyone how they are doing. Even was NOT interested in pictures...NO WAY. She was off leash in the yard and was SO unhappy I wanted her to do a sit stay for pictures....tough cookies peanut puppy!

As you can see..she was NOT happy :)My girls :) SO FUN! YEAH...not so fun...sigh... Even leaning away from her sister :) EVEN...knock it OFF! I swear this puppy will be the death of me...or her... Even: HOLY SH*T Lynn! DID YOU SEE THAT!?!??! Now they are both getting bored....tick tock, tick tock... ARE WE DONE YET???? OK....what if we BOTH look alert and happy!?!? THEN? Even Steven :) Lulu :) Maybe if I close my eyes she will go away... Are we done yet? I am losing my patience mother... Is this cute enough to make you stop? Lynn, looking noble :) Still being noble :)We are going to leave now... The Look...and people say dogs don't think like that....PLEASE. HI! My name is Lynn and I have finally given up all hope the camera will ever stop!

And now for another puppy update :) Zing (formerly know as Gin, and Andy and I still call her Ginzing HEHE) made a visit to the theraputic swimming pool! She looks like she had a GREAT time and was very tried and content after her workout! We are so grateful to Patty and her husband for giving Zing such a great home!

A very TIRED and WET Zing :) Whatta cutie!
Zing showing off her mad swimming skillz!

Time to love oh her therapist :)

I so love getting puppy updates!

I think puppies should NEVER grow up :) That is my take on it :)

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An English Shepherd said...

Swimming in a pool looks interesting.

We only swim in a stream, much dirtier ;-)

Wizz :-)