Saturday, December 5, 2009

First trial :)

Andy and Crackers had their first trial today--I was very proud of them!!! Crackers turned 18 months on December we thought we would put him in to see how things are progressing...

Andy was nervous for the first run, but after that he seemed like an old hat at this (damn him!! LOL)...and Crackers was just such a great little boy!!

Crackers was a bit slower for his first runs, but I figured he would be since his nature is more about being cautious and not trying to kill yourself, sounds good to me :) Gator started out a bit slower as well as a baby dog, and well...look at him now :)

With each run Crackers picked up more and more speed and I REALLY wish we would have entered tomorrow as I think that trend would have continued tomorrow! Oh well! We have the rest of his life to do that :)

He ran in 4 runs, Wildcard, Fullhouse, Standard and Jumpers :) We wanted to get home so not sure how he did as far as placements in jumpers...BUT, he ended the day with 4 out of 4 Q's and 3 were first placements and jumpers was 3rd because of an off course---what a good job they both did though :)

The mistakes made were Andy's!!!! What a GREAT thing to be able to say when running a baby dog!!!! Crackers didn't put one foot wrong! Andy had a bobble here and there, but handled it really well.

Here is the video of their runs---everyone was great and cheered them on :) It was really nice having all that support for him :)


livin life said... since you won't give me Even...I will take Crackers!!! Great job!!!!

Diana said...


Ricky the Sheltie said...

All I can say is "WOW!" Fantastic trial debut - congratulations Crackers and Andy!

Jodi said...

How fun! Great video! Congrats to Andy for a job well done (not that I know what I'm looking at).

Kathy said...

What a team!!! Good job Andy and Crackers.

An English Shepherd said...


Wizz :-)