Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lynn and Even :)

Just a video of the girls doing agility :) They will be 9 months old October 13th.

I use a combination of toys and my dogs to enjoy both :)

Even needs treats in the beginning so she can focus and not go brain dead from the TOYYYYYYYY.....

Lynn doesn't have any issues going crazy from a toy being presented...that is why she is working with a toy from the get go :)

It is funny how they have switched...before Even was the serious one..and recently she has really become the spaz (watch the last video...the beginning of her spazziness!). Lynn couldn't even function if there was a toy out--she lost her mind.

So fun watching how they figure things out....

Just working jumping and collection on one jump..I have a u shaped tunnel and I am sending them into it to get speed into the jump for collection work :) They like their jumps :)

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BCxFour said...

That was very cool to watch!