Sunday, August 9, 2009

Little Falls USDAA...

It was nice having a trial so close to home...I was thinking of going to regionals, but with my own bed calling my name...I decided against it :-))

Not a bad weekend...started off with Gamblers...messed Gator up :-)) Klink ran and instead of going out to a jump...she ran DIRECTLY to me....couldn't figure THAT out until we got about 50 yards from the ring and she had the runs..POOR GIRLIE!

She was off all day, but still managed to win Steeplechase Round 1 and Jumpers :) She was feeling MUCH better by Jumpers for sure :)

Gator got pulled off for not holding his DW contact...brat! But also got a Steeplechase Q and 2nd in dog stuff...YES, I know, he has his ADCH but he is STILL a baby dog!! :)

So not the greatest day...but it did't bother me...apparently my mental management is working :)

Sunday was much better...Gamblers was good, Gator got the did Klink BUT...the whistle blew just as she was standing RIGHT in front of the A-frame...I didn't think and she went into the tunnel...good dog...she ended up on the A-frame and we DID get the gamble...I guess I would rather NQ than have her take the A-frame from a standstill...I will take it :)

Standard--Gator had a GORGEOUS run....until the very last jump...and he saw the back end of a red tunnel, and glanced there...going in front of my path and AROUND the LAST jump...oh well...He said I AM TWO MOM!!!! Sigh..did hit his WP entry though! Good boy!

Klink ran good in Standard...kept her feet up well (despite her mother being a bit slow on things). So a Q for her...closing in on ADCH Bronze with both of them....wonder who will get it first!?!?!

Pairs was good...Klink got a Q and 2nd....Gator did good, but didn't Q with his partner.

Steeplechase Round 2 was good Gator ended up 2nd by a small margin...he missed a WP entry because of ME (in the way?!?)so that cost us time..but he ran good :)

Klink had a SMOKIN' fast run going, but I messed her up and pulled her through a serpentine..whoops! So she ended up 6th. Still both great runs. People thought Klink could have gone 30 seconds or I was tickled by that :) GOOD GIRL!

Jumpers--Gator was WOW! 23.19 seconds and won the class :) Handled GREAT (which is good as he has been doing baby dog things this weekend!)....Klink had a great run with one bar down...oh well :)

My students ROCKED with many Q's and many more great runs and awesome handling! So happy with them!

And I had a so-so weekend and blew it off?? WOW! Great for me :)

So...working WP entries with Gator this week...just to clean him up..Klinker just maintaining things for her and working her jumping (always a thing) and rewarding contacts.

Hoping to get Gator's last GP leg for USDAA Nationals at this next trial! Wish us luck!

And I always hear about how "other breeds" don't do as well at USDAA...well...

I saw LOTS of different breeds there this weekend--and all were doing well! Beardies, Dobermans, Labs, Lhasas, Jack Russells, poodles,dutch shephards, German Shephards,airdales,poodle mixes, taco bell doggies(go tinker!!!), corgi's, mixes of every shape and size and all had great runs :) I love seeing all the different breeds and there is proof they do great in USDAA ;)

I really love USDAA agility...all the games--strategy and I think a more laid back atmosphere...doubt I will ever go back to another venue...just enjoy it so much more :)

So all in all not a bad weekend ;) Looking forward to next weekend and hopefully everyone will be more tuned up (me included!!)

On a good note...the Steeplechase Finals run was FAST FAST OMG FAST!! And I ran HARD...both dogs and I had the stamina to keep up! WOO HOO!! Spurs me on to keep working out :)


An English Shepherd said...

Did you see any English Shepherds?

Wizz :-)

Sarah said...

sounds like a good weekend!! good luck on your upcoming trials!

fulltiltbcs said...

No English Shepherds...

HOWEVER at the USDAA trial in September there is a gal that brings her English pups...nice dogs!