Monday, July 13, 2009

La Crosse USDAA...

A junior handler I have as a student and I went down to the La Crosse USDAA trial at the Family Dog Center---GREAT people, GREAT facility and I hope more people show up at their next USDAA trial!!!!!

The dogs did well...they bobbled a few, I bobbled a bit...ya know....same old same old :-)) Apparently Klink and I can get a jumpers leg every weekend (or even 2!!) now that she has her ADCH....ugh :) They ran well and Gator only had one "I AM 2 YEARS OLD" moment :-)) Thank goodness it was in gamblers :)

The one thing I LOVED about this trial is people were so laid back, and talked and there were NO groups of people that stayed to themselves...everyone was so open and social...people that normally don't really talk at trials were chatter boxes (which was TOO cool!! since it is nice to get to know people!). And it was just a nice trial. We got done early each day and took the dogs down to the river to swim and they had a blast! We even went in a bit since the water was sooo warm there.

Great trial and I am VERY thankful to Laurie and Jim for putting it on for us! I am going to do my best to make sure everyone knows when their next one will be!!


stickitbc said...

Tru that =) me being the "junior handler" =)

fulltiltbcs said... being the "junior handler"figured plastering your name all over the internet might not be a good thing :)

stickitbc said...

HEHE....that is fine i was jsut joking!