Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fun at The Lake ;)

It was a bit warmer today so we took the kids to the lake :) Ace, Zip, Klink, Gator and Even were loaded up :) Other dogs don't like water and Lynn has a bit of an ear infection from the last time we went swimming because she likes to DIVE into the water and swim UNDER the water!

The puppies had a great time!


Even tried her had at swimming...however the urge to chase the water drops from all her splashing kinda made her technique a bit crazy.

Um yeah...Even...that is NOT exactly how you do it!So Special Steve gets a life jacket so she doesn't kill herself...
Ace thinks she is super stupid...even HE can swim well (granted apparently NOT running through the screen door this am was not something he is capable of....sigh)... Zip, Ace and Klinker showin' off their mad skillz

MY Even..what a LONG neck you have!!!!!Gator....actually swimming and not splashing his front feet around like a motor boat...good boy G! Even or Zip...Zip or Even?? :-) Super Steve and her life jacket........Poor Tennis ball....I betcha he is very scared...

It's a bit of prayer to the doG of tennis balls is in order...
Even and her mamma...see Even, ZIP doesn't need a life jacket....geesh!

Maybe I should be like Gator and wait to get them as they come in!

Klinker Dock Diving!
Mine ALL Mine...
Beautiful form! :-))
Even or Zip...Zip or Even!?!?!


stickitbc said...

HEHE Even =) she is such a special little doggie!

WOW beautiful dock diving Klinker!

fulltiltbcs said...

Yeah...Klinker LOVES to jump off the dock :)