Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a weekend...

The maiden voyage of the Zilla was great! I LOVE having trailer and the dogs LOVE Zilla also! I am amazed at how much more they sleep in the trailer than at a hotel, I guess just having a home away from home that is always the same really is great for all of them :)

It was nice being able to relax and let the dogs be dogs...can't always do that in a hotel room (not to mention trying to get SEVEN dogs in a hotel room..yeah right!

Now onto agility :-)))

Friday was DAM team tournament....Zip did not pair up with her buddy Disco because he is on the injured list. But she got a GREAT teammate named Tess--SCREAMIN' fast sheltie girlie and they did awesome! Ended up 3rd and a Q!!!!

Klink's team also Q'd and so did Gator's team! Now Gator has that DAMN mean DAM Q for Nationals :-))

Saturday was a great time---have to brag on my Gator Tater boy!!!! He went 7 for 7!!! Handled like a DREAM, a little sports car....amazing!!!! What a BOY! And only a 2 year old boy at that!

Zip won Performance National Standard for a Bye into regionals among other great runs :-))) She was a happy little momma dog...excited to be running as always :-))

Klinky was a bit off on Saturday...but she got some Q's. And all 3 dogs were in Steeplechase Finals for Sunday-so that means Klink is done for Nationals, Gator and Zip each need one more Grand Prix leg....not too bad.

Jumpers was Probably one of THE hardest courses I have ever ran. HONEST. Zip's run was horrible.....yikes and bad handler. Klinks run was just great until one bar and I just fell apart---stupid ADCH...makes people mentally challenged I SWEAR!

Gator, what a boy, ran clean and WON it! WHAT A BOY!!

All three also got pairs legs with their great partners :-)))

Sunday----what a day...whew.

Jumpers was first.........Gator ran and bombed...He was WIDE, WIDE and did I mention WIDE??? Squealing also is not a good sign with Gator....this is the time I tell people he lets me know "I AM TWO MOMMA!! I AM TWO!"....yikes.

Klinker-----well what can I say. The girl kept us going to the very end...a hard rub on one of the jumps I heard the crowd gasp for breath and we went over the final jump and everyone screamed...I turned to the judge to make sure we HAD Q'd and YES WE DID :-))) My first ADCH, and on a dog that I can say is THE HARDEST dog I have ever worked with....

I admit, I cried a some pictures taken, did a silly little victory lap...and I am SOO relieved it is over....running at USDAA Nationals was not NEARLY as nerve-wracking as this was! LOL

She went on to get 3rd in Steeplechase finals, another Snooker leg, Gamblers leg and pairs legs..good girlie Stinky Pete!

Zip and Gator also had a great day, both getting Super Q's towards their Snooker titles....Gator is also getting VERY VERY VERY close to his ADCH..would be too cool to get them both this summer :-))

I am home, sunburnt but very happy---the best weekend I have had in a LONG time, going 75%+ Q rate with the three dogs...that probably won't ever happen again! LOL But the puppers rocked this weekend. They are tired and ready to chill tomorrow..which is what they will do.

I just can't believe my fuzzy 3 year old has her

What a weekend...thanks Gator, Zip and Klinker :-))))


stickitbc said...

it was an AMAZING weekend!! i had my fingers crossed the whole time you were out on that Jumpers course:)) i am glad that you got it with your stinky pete you two really have come so VERY VERY VERY far!!!! congrats AGAIN!

Sarah said...

congrats on a great weekend!!

***** Congrats on the ADCH!!!!!!!!!!
you are supposed to cry, aren't you?? Its about the only time I ever cry ... LOL

Sounds like the new Trailer is god luck!

Are we gonna see some video?

fulltiltbcs said...

Posted some video :-)) The trailer ROCKS!!!!!

Yeppers on the crying...that is about the only time I cry :)

bungeroo said...

Yeah Klink! She is awesome! Congrats to you both! Fluffy dogs are great! (Bungee told me to put htat in)