Friday, May 15, 2009

I really don't like you...

I find it very funny that people feel a dog should like ALL dogs. As if humans are friends with every, single, person they meet.

We all know that is not true, maybe the person you dislike is too loud, too quiet you name it. For one reason or another there are people you encounter in life that you don't like. I personally think dogs are the same way.

Not to say I am going to let my dogs be snots or anything, but if my dog doesn't care for another dog, I don't freak out and assume my dog has an issue.

Even within my pack, my adult dogs are paired up a bit:

Zip and Klink (yes the two intact females are paired up)
Crackers and Gator (goofie, dufus boys UNITE!)
Ace---single entity that doesn't want to be bothered with friends**

**aka grumpy old man

And of course we have the two puppies Even and Lynn...and I find it VERY interesting that these two puppies are treated differently by all the dogs in our pack.

Gator does NOT like Lynn, won't really even give her the time of day, just ignores her and walks away. But Even, he ADORES her, plays with her and would play all day if I let him! He flirts with her, they play kissy face games, share toys etc. Total infatuation is all I can call it. Makes me wonder why?

Zip--well Zip adores both her babies and thinks they walk on water...BUT, she demands more of Even. And plays more with Even...Lynn she plays with, but comparing the time spent with each...Even wins?? Lynn she lets get away with murder though...there are times I would SWEAR Zip would correct her (since any other dog she would) but nope...Lynn runs up to her, bites her right on the face and runs away...Zip does nothing?? Even does that and she gets a talkin' to....hmmmm?

Ace doesn't like either---so I guess he is consistent ;-))) I guess he figures he has raised MORE than enough puppies in his lifetime...point taken old man :)

Crackers--HE LOVES Lynn---is Ok playing with Even, but Lynn is his girlie...they run, share toys etc. Crackers is to Lynn like Gator is to Even.....hmmmmmm

Klink prefers Lynn over Even, she just ignores Even...

Why is this? They both greet the dogs the same, very properly and with respect, they both SEEM to play the exact same way?

I guess they can have their preferences :-)) Just find it very interesting to watch these interactions :)

A pack of dogs is phenomenal, people wonder why I have seven dogs (ok so I wonder about that as well sometimes)...but I think having a pack (which I see as 3 or more) creates a balanced dog. One that can be respectful, understand boundaries with other dogs etc. The dynamics are amazing to me and teach me something interesting about dog behavior everyday.

It will be interesting to see if the adult dogs change their ideas about each puppy as they mature.


stickitbc said...

VERY good post!!!! some people need to read this:))

Darci said...

So, so right, and well said! I feel the same way! Having a 6 dog pack myself, (almost up to you! LOL) I love watching mine interact, they are pretty consistant, but still every once in awhile some one throws a wrench in there and they show me some thing new to ponder on.