Monday, May 25, 2009

19 weeks old!

This week the girls have changed a lot! I swear they are growing up too darn fast!!! :-)) Love these two girlies...

Even :)

What a LONG neck you have! :-))
Lynn :-))


An English Shepherd said...

Growing up fast !

Wizz :-)

Sarah said...

WOW they are getting big!

WOW Even looks like her mama!

WOW Lynn is cute. Is she going to be rough coated? She seems to be not as smooth as her sis?

stickitbc said...

i had to take a double take on that first picture to see if it was Even or Zip:)) they are SOO much alike:)

Emma Rose said...

They are both so darling. I think Lynn gets more beautiful the older she gets. Her markings are so striking. Just lovely :)