Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sectors of Humanity...

There are certain types of people that exhist in this world that I cannot even begin to understand---maybe someone can shed some light on these people? I will say there are times when I am sure all of us fall into one of these categories (ok..well at least some of them) for a period in our lives....but I am talking about this being this person's WAY OF LIFE.

Self Pity---those that are miserable and do NOTHING about it. They wallow in their own pity and seek pity from others. My response?? What I do with my dogs...I ignore the behavior...which apparently makes these types of people angry since they are not getting pity from me. If your life sucks, FIX IT, if your dog isn't trained right on something, TRAIN IT, if you hate your job...well OK, that might be different with the economy :)

People who are not willing to purchase things for basic living, but will go out to lunch and blow $30.....I do not understand this....not really a sector..but just something that bugs me! LOL

Blamers---it is NEVER their fault....EVER. They could hit you with their car going 55 mph and driving high on meth and NOPE...not their fault. Own up to what you do...or don't do.

Negative Nelly's----You all know one of these....nothing is right if everything is not wrong. These people must have negativity in their lives to be "content!?!?!?".....I like to avoid negativity...personally.

Enablers---if you are enabling someone to do something, STOP. You are helping a person do whatever (drugs, laziness etc etc etc) and yet you hate what is happening...stop and try to change..been there done that and yes I understand how hard it can be. It still needs to be done.

Lingering People--they had a rough childhood, etc etc. And they let it shape their lives----or use it as an excuse to not be responsible for their actions...I had a rough childhood growing up...but I don't linger about it. Move on, there is so much more to life than worrying about what happened 20 years ago. Look at the NOW.

These are all self destructive when people act like this I have NO idea how to deal with doesn't want to feed into them, however you also don't want to appear not to care at all...or indifferent.

...Or maybe you do.....

I try to avoid people like this, however life tends to put people like this in your path, I am assuming to teach patience...patience for what though?? I have no idea.

I just find it very interesting how a person could want to be miserable, instead of enjoying what life has to offer them. Sure life isn't always great, but live in the moment every once in awhile...look at dogs! They are always in the moment..and look how happy THEY are!!! :)


stickitbc said...

I am with ya!!!! ESPECIALLY the negative people!!!

DeltaBluez Tess said...

So ttrue and don't forget the *maytr" people...and those who love to cut you down to make themselves look so good!!

fulltiltbcs said...

OH yes...forgot about those :) Thanks!