Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Puppy Depression...warning sappy!

You know what it is, when your puppies are soon to be leaving your house and it is so sad to see them leave.

My heart dog Zip, took me forever to breed her, worried about everything under the sun...but I finally did it. Pregnancy was fine, no issues...the delivery was scarey...I remember as they took her from my arms for the c-section I thought to myself "I can't lose her--she means too much"...I kissed her on the head and hugged her, putting my face into her neck...praying that all would be fine. She has been through so much with me, and was always there. I hated myself for doing that to her...I worried about her, the babies and what would happen.

My vet is great, and all was good.

I remember the crazy feeling of a HUGE Zip, and then within a few minutes...puppies....all limp and covered in goo----we had them in towels, rubbing them down, waking them up.

I remember Tweed screaming like crazy--still does :)

I remember holding Lil in my hand and saying "Look Andy, this one looks like Zip!"

Eve--she was so small and LOUD :)

Lynn---the little white faced girl no one expected

Gin---she needed no reviving...she came into the world screaming :)

Spot---I saw him and thought...GORGEOUS--he still is.

And Sweep---fatty we called him, came into the world with a double chin, so fat and cute and fuzzy :)

I remember how Zip took to them----and she told me that she was NOT interested in cleaning butts--and I put canned dogfood on their rears to get her to clean them..that was all it took :) She was a super mom.

I remember when they started wobbling, still blind but trying out walking.

And when their little eyes opened...what a great memory.

When they recognized me and would all huddle around, wanting to take a nap with me...naps in the puppy pen were great :)

Watching them grow and change, develope little personalities, seeing them be more like Zip or more like Jake...playing with Crackers, toys, whatever they could find.

I am really going to miss them. They start leaving this weekend...I will take 7 week old pictures today...and these will be the last ones of the formal pics I take every Tuesday :(

I have great homes for them...homes I trust and homes I am so excited for them to become a part of...but as each puppy leaves for their home, a little piece of my heart is going to go with them.

The little songs we sang to them (Gin comes to mind---Andy always sang the "867-5309" chorus to her---and Lil, who I called Lilly bean..and if you said "Beaner Beaner Beaner" she woudl come running, and smiling the entire way :) Spot is Andy's favorite boy...he adores that pup and I am happy to know he will be growing up very near us and we will see him weekly :)

I will kiss and hug all of them so much this week they are probably not going to want me near them by the time they leave! I am going to take as many pictures as I can, to try to keep those memories with me. I have no bad memories of these little babies. Only good, and only smiles and laughter follow them. I haven't laughed until my stomach hurt or smiled so much my face was killing me in a long time, until they came...

The house will be quiet without all the craziness of a litter of border collies...but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I will carry these memories with me forever :)


stickitbc said...

awwww....that was VERY cute!!! That is SOO nice that you have GREAT homes for all of them and will be able to keep in touch with these people:)) They were sure a AWESOME crew of puppies and i think not just you will miss the every Tuesday puppy update and webcam:)) we all enjoyed them as well...so cherish your few days left and remember what a wonderful litter your favorite Zip had:)))Give them all a kiss good bye for me!!!

BCxFour said...

Awww...Hugs to you. :)