Sunday, March 1, 2009

Puppies first outing :)

Well the puppies had several firsts today :) They had their first car ride----everyone did great, a bit of whining..but no screaming! WOO HOO!!!!

We (myself and 2 very nice friends of mine!!!!) took the puppers to a great place in Brainerd, MN --Carol Manley has her own obedience school (she is GREAT!) and she let us take them to the building.

Since this was their first time out...I figured they might show SOME "oh no..where are we"--yeah WHATEVER!

They walked in like they owned the place! Ran EVERYWHERE and were insane! Trying to take leather leashes off the walls (where they were hanging) and did an agility tunnel MANY times..and were totally confident! Played with everyone and all sorts of toys! GOOD PUPPIES!!

Tested them on loud noises---which I am happy to say they all ran TOWARDS :)

They were there for several hours and were TIRED on the way home.....snoozing away in their kennels :)

Crate training is going SCREAMING anymore..just some whining and clawing at the door...boys are MUCH better than the girls at this--oh..and Patty---Gin, yeah...she is NOT the quietest anymore!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

I have been calling them to me by clapping my hands..figured some use "come" and some use "here"----so clapping seemed pretty OK...they come a-runnin' :-))

It was a lot of fun watching them really kick up their much fun!


An English Shepherd said...

I remember my first car ride as well. I managed to get out of the car crate :-)

fulltiltbcs said...

HEHE! Don't tell the puppies how to do that please! LOL