Saturday, March 21, 2009

Even Steven :)

Here is one of my little girlies :) Even. She is a carbon copy of her mother...OK...except her EARS. The OCD person in me wants to work on these ears, however I am waiting and seeing what they do. They have a mind of their own! LOL

Even is working EVERYTHING she can...and has gotten in with the sheep once....brat! But I love this pup...such a fun fun girl!

There we go! THOSE are the ears I hope she ends up with!!!! PLEASE EVEN!!!

MUCH better :)


An English Shepherd said...

nice puppy pics :-)

Jodi said...

No comment. :-D

Sarah said...

great pics, i've enjoyed seeing all these updates, and I love the ones of the 'big dogs too', crackers is so cute! I didn't realize his coat was slightly rough, I thought he was smooth

fulltiltbcs said...

Yes Crackers doesn't really know what he is :) The breeder SWORE he would be a rough, but nope....his face is smooth as can be, but his bum is a bit rough...I actually like the smooth versus the whiskery look--just personal preference :)