Thursday, February 26, 2009

Too Funny...and a bit of a rant.

I find it funny that people really want puppies....until I ask them to fill out a sheet asking questions about where the pups will sleep, training, etc etc...just so I can get to KNOW them...

Then all of a sudden they can't do that. For me, it is a GREAT tool to weed out people that are not serious about a pup. The form takes MAYBE 15 minutes.....more like 10...

So 10 I can get to know you....I had one person that wanted a pup, tell me.."well if you don't trust me to not make me fill out the form--then fine"..

YEP..your right..if you live 1,000 miles from CAN I know you? How can I trust you if I do not know you personally? It is not an insult...just a way to help me get to know you and understand that you will be a good home for a pup.

Do you also refuse to fill out an employment application?? Just because the employer doesn't know you and wants to get to know you? Doubtful.

If you don't want to get a pup from me because I want the form filled out..that is JUST FINE. Go get a pup from someone else...honestly. I have no issues. I would like to know all these pups are going to great homes, not just good, or sorta great,but great...where they will be worked, and treated well.

I spent a lot of time working on this litter, a lot of time socializing them, a lot of time just WITH them, plus the c-section, plus everything else that went into them. Not to mention the training, trialing etc of Zip---and the long time going to get her bred, ultrasound etc. etc. etc....Much more than the 10 minutes it takes a person to fill out a freaking piece of paper.

Call me picky----go right ahead. But I have to be able to go to bed at night not worrying about where these pups are going...and I have a great group of puppy buyers...I have NO worries about them...and that is wonderful. Makes me happy and I know the pups will do great.

And yes....ALL of them filled out the paper :) And I got to know all of them and already call them good friends!!!


BCxFour said...

You are spot on making that a mandatory requirement. If they cannot fill out that paper - they dont get a puppy. Period.

Hang in there!

bungeroo said...

I agree, if they cannot take time to fill out app for you, they cannot be serious about the puppy. I only like breeders that are invloved and can be lifetime friends...Good for you, Loretta!

Darci said...

I'll fill out anything! Just send me EVE! LOL
She is beautiful!

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks everyone :) I am holding fast to this.

Darci---isn't she just THE cutest puppy EVER! She is smaller, but MIGHTY! :)