Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh the joy of puppies...

Puppy picking is getting solidified...unfortunately for one puppy buyer...he has to wait until I choose my girlies....I am SORRY CARL! I am TRYING!

I figured so the puppy people will not curse the ground I walk on, I would start working on crate training...there were various reactions to this new form of punishment (or so several of them thought!)

We fed them for the first time in a crate--by themselves and set a timer for 3 minutes...figured that was a good time for the first day :)

Tweed: ate his food then Screamed his BLOODY head off...clawed at the kennel and you would have thought someone was trying to steal his left kidney. I had to make a loud noise to get him to stop to check the noise out so I wouldn't be letting him out while he was screaming---brat!

Sweep: licked his bowl clean about a thousand times...bit he kennel bars, screamed and then settled JUST as the timer went off. GOOD BOY!

Spot: ate his food and then screamed and chewed on the bars...gave that up and licked himself in his dangly part regions--boys are so gross (grin).

Eve: ate her food and then screamed a bit...decided barking at the door was a better idea...and jumping up and down...she and Crackers have been talking about moves :)

Gin: ate her food, played with her bowl, bit on the bars...then just watched what we were doing..GOOD GOOD GIRLIE!!!

Lil: Apparently she talked to Tweed---see above and add barking and biting at the door of the kennel...apparently she thought kicking that kennels ass would get her out...

Lynn: Played with her bowl...batting it all around her kennel and screamed a bit...also did some "tigger like" jumping around the kennel and batting with her paws at god knows what:)

The older dogs all left the room when the puppies were screaming LOL! Apparetly they don't like the noise either!

Tomorrow we are off to a friends place about 30 minutes away to play in her obedience school! I am sure there will be LOTS of screaming then! I plan on putting them in a kennel in pairs...hopefully that will help with the noise!

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stickitbc said...

YAY...don't forget the ear plugs!!!!! PLEASE and pairs are good!!