Monday, February 2, 2009

Adult dogs and I love my camera :)

Since I have been posting ALL about the puppies (yes the 3 week photos are tomorrow)---it was above zero (granted the winds made the wind chill between -15 and -20---but I will take it!) and I took Klink, Gator, Crackers and Ace out...Zip got to work earlier today on stock in a nice barn with good footing so she was settled in with the babies---VERY grateful to get to work a bit :) And tired :)

I love my new total accident I am getting these really cool photos...gosh knows I have NO idea really how to use it...but it is so much fun trying! :)

Just to help people understand why we would have a "hunter orange ball" for the dogs...Andy lost the other was blue. He replaced it and I guess he figured that color wouldn't get far so good :)

I was freezing when I got in, and have a bit of a headache from the cold...but I got some neat pics!


Crackers in his "Oh so Sexy" coat :)
Old man Ace :) One of the very few pics we have of him...he HATES cameras!
If the Jack Russell takes your toy.....just drag him around on the ice...he WILL eventually let go!
And another of Klinker :)
Yes Gator has a coat--he is SENSITIVE...
MY!! What big EARS you have!

Gosh mom..why all the pics??

Fine...but I ain't smilin'


stickitbc said...

Klink sure is photogenic:))

fulltiltbcs said...

She is a HAM :)