Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zippity Update...

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2009 is a good one for everybody!!

Now...just a quick update on Zip, miss preggo.

She is doing great, 11 more days until day 63 from the first breeding! She is getting bigger, but not HUGE yet, apparently they explode these last 2 we will see if that explosion happens :) So far so good :)

She is eating like a piggie----and putting forth gases like a sewage treatment smells that dog can produce are mind boggling. She is clearing rooms at this point...pretty sad when a dog (or two) will get up and leave the Zip--you go girl!

She is still going on the mile walks twice a day---not playing nearly as much, but just trotting along---ok well recently we have started waddling along :) But damn if she is going to miss a walk! I thought leaving her inside would be best, NO WAY...she was so upset I figured it was more stress on her than going on the walks! So she is with us...waddle..waddle..waddle...

Zip has also decided she needs to stretch out...ALL THE TIME. What once was my little pupper dog in bed with me..all in a ball, is now a beached whale, sprawled out at the bottom of the bed...taking up the entire lower half--makes for some restless nights, but she doesn't seem to notice my plight. She is too busy sleeping, grunting and farting...

She goes in next week for her x-ray (which I will post on the blog) and we will finally get to see exactly how many little buggers are in there :) I have lots of people guessing at this point! Feel free to send me your guess as well---winner recieves a free puppy! No wait..ok..not really, but maybe I will send you some candy or something....worth a try right?

The coolest thing is last night I FELT them! I was laying on the couch, and I had the whale with me---just rubbing her tummy and all of a sudden I felt this a wave under my hand...then another....and another! They were kicking up a storm in there!! It was very cool to know that the babies are in there, they are alive and doing well :)

The hubby finally read the entire whelping book---shouting things to me from the bedroom (where he was reading) like-

"green discharge?!!"
"I bet her parts will never go back to normal after that"
"fishy odor??!"
"I might have to catch a baby outside in the cold because she thinks she has to poop!?!"
"your not gonna let her EAT that placenta..ARE YOU!?!"

Oh the joys of the birthing process----put so elequently via Dr. Mueller and his new knowledge of whelping. You might want to stick with ruminant nutrition dear...

I am over my extreme fear of her whelping...everything is ready, I have started taking some baseline temps morning and evening, the whelping pen is set up, I have LOTS of towels, etc etc etc. We be going today to get a webcam so everyone can see the babies once they are born :)

I can't wait to meet them!!!


BCxFour said...

"She is too busy sleeping, grunting and farting..."

LOL sounds just like a human wait, sounds like me now and I am not pregnant. *sigh* TMI

I cant wait to see the puppies either! Do you have homes for all of them already?

Lexie said...

The National Geographic Channel will have a show this Sunday Jan 4, 2009 that is called "In the womb" and this episode will show puppies in the womb . I just thought the show might interest you.

Lexie said...

I am glad she is doing well.

fulltiltbcs said...

Thanks for the comments ladies!

I will know if they are all spoken for on Monday when we get the we will see!

Thanks for the info on the National Geographic special! I will definetly be watching it!!