Thursday, January 8, 2009

Up all night....

Boy what a crazy last three days.......Zip is keeping me up all night, waking me up about every hour or so. Pacing, panting, nesting, whining....FUN!

The babies are CRAZY at night.....moving around a TON!! poor girl!

Temps are staying steady around 99.9and occasionally dip to 99.3.....but nothing below we just wait.

She is still eating well, and went on a mile walk this am, trotting and even played a little bit with Crackers :)

I was also up all night with my boy BC Gator, he had a sudden vet appt. as he was very sick---vomiting and diarhea-----we finally got him squared away, but I was letting him out all night to potty..he is doing much better this am, can drink a little bit of water an keep it down...don't want to talk about the details on a public blog...but he will be fine soon.

Not contagious, so I am very happy since Zip is close and I would hate for her to be sick!

So, needless to say, I am tired...trying to get some sleep when I can :)

Zip is doing great, happy and healthy :)

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