Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dana Pike Seminar.....

WOW...I learned SO much today!! Went to an agility seminar with Dana Pike and got some great stuff from it :) She has helped me SO much with my handling!

Crackers went on Friday with Andy and she was super impressed with him...said he was one of the nicest JRt's she has seen :) He did great...ran well, stayed focused etc.

Gator and Klink did great today at the was on Masters some great tips on getting more collection out of Klinker (what mom?? COLLECT??? NO WAY!!) and boy are we tired!!!

It is always good to get a refresher course on handling and have someone there to clean you up to get those tighter turns!

We did get some video of Crackers that I will put on Youtube...but I forgot my camera today! ARGH!! Will let you know when I post that :)

I sure did miss the puppies! It is good to be home!

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