Thursday, January 22, 2009

40 things about me...

I guess it is pretty simple...40 things about me, I was tagged by The Occasional Ramblings of 1Sheep Dog Gal.....

So here goes! I will add a pic as soon as my scanner works again!

1. I hate heights, I will pretty much do about anything to avoid them. But it is a specific kind of height situation..ya know...any time I could fall and die. So that narrows it down right? It really isn't a problem :)

2. I think people should have to pass breeding exams like we do with dogs...I am not breedable anyway...see #1--phobias should be avoided in a breeding :)

3. I HATE clowns. Hate them, hate them, hate them. And watching Stephen King's movie IT..well that made the hate grow into fear. Freaky things...all masked up waiting to drag you into the sewer where "everything floats"----shudder

4. I dislike it when people, confronted with problem, just ignore it and hope it goes away..IT DOESN'T PEOPLE..get a grip.

5. I like fried odd.

6. I am lactose intolerant but I LOVE milk...therefore Lactaid is my bestest friend ever :)

7. I have butchered a cow...

8. I once fell on a pen and it got shoved into my eye..

9. See above...I HATE EYEBALLS.........HATE HATE HATE (right up there with clowns).

10. I love micro breweries...granted I am an alcohol lightweight...but that is Ok, those beers are pricey!

11. I have an obsession with cleaning up dog hair....imagine that.

12. When I was little I decided after watching a show about finger painting I would paint my bum and put the bum print on my bedroom wall....YES it is still parents cherish it....

13. I used to love flushing anything and everything down toilets...amazing! Where does it all go!!?!

14. I would describe myself as an introvert...I like people, but need time to recharge.

15. I have never tried weed or any other drug except alcohol and cigarettes...I know I know BORING!

16. I am scared of the dark (do you see a trend here??) and I do NOT like to go outside at night, I usually take a dog (likethey are going to do anything but love up on a person while they attack me!)

17. I love learning about serial killers, I have many book and movies and it disturbs my husband.

18. When I was younger...I would fight with my older sister and she was baby "T" (like Mr. T) and I was baby Hulk...I would bite and she would cry.....hmmm

19. I have 2 sisters..both older than me.

20. I went to college at the University of Missouri-Columbia, majoring in Animal Science, Plant Science and Ag Economics. Graduated with a BS and met my hubby there.

21. Not a big fan of cats...having a box of pooh in your house does NOT interest me.

22. I like our Jack Russell Terrier......weird! They are not all assholes like I thought....go figure!

23. I have watched Austin Powers probably a thousand times...

24. I love Stephen King books

25. I wish I lived closer to my family so I could see them more :-((

26. I have a hard time with things I cannot control....apparently I am part border collie...that'll do Loretta.

27. I hate bigger women in sweatpants....

28. Walmart is a GREAT place to people watch..and I LOVE to people watch!

29. I used to show dairy cattle..Guernseys and holsteins. Won Junior Champion at the Missouri State Fair and also Showmanship..and won many local fairs. Also showed market hogs too!

30. We have a rabbit...his name is Harley and he is EVIL.

31. I watch puppies WAY TOO MUCH.....good lord!

32. Not a big fan of fish.....will NOT ever eat caviar..and good luck with me eating salmon...that crap is NASTY..I only like fried catfish :) with coleslaw and hushpuppies!

33. I have attended a testicle festival...

34. At a family reunion we had a huge fight break out, a riot, cops called in and my mom got punched in the face--I was ROCKED!

35. See above...I LOVE Jerry Springer...

36. My favorite food is SUGAR...and caffeine...

37. When I eat spaghetti-o's...I have to thread them onto my fork and make rows of rings in each tine.....I don't eat them often because it takes me forever to get a bowl eaten...add to that multiple microwavings (because they get cold) and it is just too much.

38. I have braces (1 year on Feb 7th I think)....will have them another year. They are S-E-X-Y...
39. I am NOT a morning person....and my dogs all know that....and so does the hubby..and so does anyone that wants to talk to me when I first get up....

40. I love the Dog Whisperer!!

Ok...tagging 3 new people:

Hay Ewe Stockdoggin'
Dig-It, Fetch-It, Herd-It

There ya go!


Darci said...

Oh thats just NOT fair! You cant just say testicle festival and not elaborate! We need details!! LOL

Sarah said...

40 things! i did a 16 things and that was tough, thanks for the tag, it will be fun :)

hmm i will take some of yours, so that will give me a head start :)

#12 OMG that is some kind of funny!!!!!!!!!! i didn't do that, its just funny.
#21 - yep they scare me.
#22 of course
#23 me to :)
#26 i've come to that realization also
#33 please elaborate.
#36 totally.

fulltiltbcs said...

Go here and you can learn ALL ABOUT IT :)

I will admit..I DID try one...but not yummy at all....icky...

Darci said...

I have yet to be able to watch "It" and because of the movie,( what little enough I really didnt need to see) I too have a total breakdown upon seeing clowns and run all A**holes and elbows as far away as I can. Which totally makes my son fall out in utter hysterics. The little unsympathic brat. Its his recourse I suppose for never getting to attend a Barnamun and Baily Circus! LOL

stickitbc said...

I am totally with you on CLOWNS!!!! I HATE them!!!!! I cannot believe that a pen went through your eye:(( SCARY!!!

Andrea said...

Stopped by via BCxFour....really enjoyed my time here today!! Love Border Collies....and your 40 things post was great!! I will be back to visit often. :)

Jodi said...

Oh I am just not that interesting. I think I will sit this one out and spare my friends of having to fill this thing out.


fulltiltbcs said...

darci.....a**holes and elbows....too funny! Never heard that and what a GREAT description!!!

fulltiltbcs said...

Andrea-good to see you here!! Definetly come back!

Katie---clowns...yeah :)

Jodi---bullsh*t...I will hound you until you do it..I KNOW better than to say you are boring...we have known each other too long!!!!

Laura Carson said...

I am SO with you on the lactose intolerance. It's a curse. I love milk - and sadly lactaid doesn't help me quite enough. :)