Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

We all woke up this morning to 8 inches of snow! At this point there is at least a foot on the ground and the snow is still coming down full force!

So...with 5 dogs in the house and ALL of them active....we dawned our ski pants, coats, gloves, hats, and ski goggles (yes ski goggles! Keeps the wind and snow out! Try it!) and took the dogs for a LONG walk....

I took some pics of them enjoying the fun...it was very cold so some of the dogs have coats:

Ace---because the dog has NO hair and is old...he won't move without a coat!
Crackers---because he is 8 pounds! he would move with out the coat...but he is a little dog..they have to have coats right?? LOL
Zip---she has babies--the coat is MORE so if she slips and falls the coat will protect her! LOL Or so we tell ourselves...she would say get the damn thing off her!

Ace, Gator and KlinkCrackers trying to figure out how he is going to get around in the snow that is WAY over his head!
Ace....can you make me a path!?!?! PLEASE!
Stinky...enjoying the snow!
Zippity....she stayed mostly in the road because it was hard with that belly getting around!
More playing..this time with Crackers in!
Gator looking creepy! LOL
Gator boy again!
Yes....keep playing...get tired!
Get 'em Crackers!
Frosty Klink :)
How does he SEE like that??
I think my eye is frozen shut.....
And the sheepies...waiting for hay :)


BCxFour said...

I love your snow pictures! The one of the sheep is great! Snowy faces - gotta love them! Is that a 'maternity' coat you have on Zip there? LOL

fulltilt said...

HEHE-----well we have had to let out the straps a whole heck of a lot...does that count?? :)

Sarah said...

great fun!!!! my guys were wild yesterday when it was snowing too.

i love the snowy face photos!!!!!

fulltilt said...

Oh I know...why do they go so crazy with the snow! I wish we had a fenced in yard so they could be out more!