Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trip to Arizona :-))

Well we are finally back from our trip to the USDAA Nationals in Scottsdale. To say the competition was amazing is an understatement..great handling, great dogs and awesome weather!!

Here are the results from the puppers :-))

European Std:

Klink I goofed up her run :-((

Gator 15th out of 220+ dogs in 22"

Grand Prix Quarter Finals

Klink 12th place
Gator 17th place

Out of 160+ dogs :-))

Both dogs made it into Semi-Finals!!

Klink knocked a bar in semi's and
Gator was clean but was 2 seconds from the finals cutoff :-((

Klink DAM team:

Team Standard 32nd out of 270+ dogs in 22"

Team Jumpers 37th out of 270+ dogs in 22"

Team Gamblers 22nd out of 270+ dogs in 22"

Overall Top Individual Dog for Team: 4th place!!

336.70 Sybil M. Bowerman
329.79 Juice M. Topps
325.51 Jaxon S. Maas
324.82 Klink L. Mueller
322.49 Heath T. LeClair

Overall it was a GREAT time!! Klink ran GREAT, only knocked the one bar and ran like a trooper! Gator isn't even 2 years old and he handled it like a grown dog! GOOD PUPS

Got some great pictures of them and we will definetly be back next year!

I will be uploading the runs that I got on video...but it was hard to get someone to not all runs were taped :-(((

The quality of competition was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The drive to and from was nice I suppose...we were very excited to get out of the snow that was hitting Minnesota and then we hit the desert...which at first was beautiful.......after driving in what seemed like a forever landscape of scrub brush and rock...well it was getting old. Made me think of the poor people on horseback searching this vast wilderness....that had to have sucked.

So imagine 7 hours of that...easily. BORING....we were taking road kill counts to pass the last count we were up to, 3 deer, 7 racoons, 1 possum, 1 cat, 2 coyotes and MANY unknowns...I am sure we lost count around New Mexico....
Yes that is a car antenna...the land of enchantment...more like the land of DIY double wides. I have never seen so much poverty as I did in this state. WOW..maybe I am sheltered, but it was very sad seeing how these people lived....lots of people begging at gas stations and in general just a very run down feeling to where we were. Here are a few examples of the living conditions these people have to put up with :-((

Other than the poverty...New Mexico was actually a very pretty place to be...just got a little bit tired of all the flatness.......but that did start to change!

And this one is just damn funny.....taken TOTALLY by accident out the car window! HEHE

Then we got to Arizona...we ended up spending the day in Sedona and traveled the scenic route through it all....what a wonderful place it is!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the pics!! We will definetly be back in 2009!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

WOW amazing job!!

that is very cool, congrats on doing so well in those GIGANTIC classes.

great pics too.

fulltilt said...

Thanks! I was very proud of the to work on tighter turns and timing ( I am not doing that already!) MORE MORE! :-)

I had so much fun!