Monday, August 11, 2008

More USDAA :-))

Again another local trial (gotta love that!)...the dogs did great!

Klink--Masters Gamblers Q
Masters Standard Q-2nd
Masters Jumpers Q-2nd
Masters Snooker Q--3rd and a SUPER Q :-)))
Steeplechase. ..Klinker was a wee bit naughty so she went off course :(((

Gator: Advanced Gamblers Q-1st and his AG title!
Advanced Snooker Q-1st and his AS title!
Steeplechase Q and onto ROund 2!
I TOTALLY NQ'd him in Standard...ugh! !!!!!!!!! I swear we are cursed :-))
Masters Jumpers Q and 3rd I think...


Klink--Masters Gamblers Q and 4th
Masters Standard Q and 1st
Master Pairs with Terry & Presto Q and 2nd
NQ'd in Master jumpers....she didnt' send out to a jump...but that bit others as well.....bummer

Gator--Advanced Std-Q and 1st (broke the stretch of NQ in std!!!)
Masters Pairs with Bonnie and Zzoom--Q and 3rd
Master Jumpers..... GREAT RUN, but he crashed the double...I looked at the video and he slipped on the dry grass...bummer!

The dogs did great! I am very happy with how they did! GOOD PUPPERS!

Finally got confirmation of St.Croix Valley for the end of August...that will be Zip's reintroduction to the agility world! SHould be fun! Running Zip, Klink and Gator! BUSY!!!

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