Sunday, July 20, 2008

Duluth USDAA

Klink, Gator and I ventured up to the Duluth USDAA trial this weekend ;-)) What a great club, great site and of course the USDAA competitors are always awesome :-)

The dogs did well!


Masters Gamblers: Klink NQ'd because of MOM! ARGH!
Advanced Gamblers: Gator Q'd and 1st place

Advanced Snooker: Klink Q and 1st
Advanced Snooker: Gator Q and 2nd

Advanced Standard: Klink Q and 1st
Advanced Standard: Gator dropped a bar :-((

Steeplechase: Klink Q'd and placed 2nd
Steeplechase: Gator was naughty and had to redo weaves--no Q :-((


Masters Pairs--Klink and her best buddy Zzoom Q'd!
Advanced Pairs--Gator Q'd and 1st---and his AR title! Off to Masters!

Advanced Standard--Klink Q'd and 1st-----AAD and ASA titles!!! Now all Masters classes!
Advanced Standard--I sent Gator off course I think.....

Advanced Jumpers--Klink Q'd and 2nd
Advanced Jumpers--Gator Q'd and 1st--and his AJ title!!! Off to Masters!

Steeplechase Round 2--Klink ran awesome and we ended up 2nd!!! Good girlie!

Lots of fun, USDAA is so much fun! Next weekend we go back to AKC.......

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