Sunday, June 1, 2008


Whew! Klink, Gator and I just got back from the MAC USDAA trial this weekend!

The dogs did GREAT!!!

Klink was in a DAM team tournament (aka 3 dogs that are on a team, cumulative scores and you need a Q to go to Nationals)......our team 'DWI" ( dogs with issues!) ended up 6th overall with a Q :-))

Saturday and Sunday were just regular runs---here is how they did!

Klinker Saturday:

Advanced Pairs (NQ because of her partner) she ran GREAT!!!!!
Starters Standard Q and 1st
Starters Jumpers Q and because of ME no placing--I was out of it that run!
Grand Prix--Q
Steeplechase--3rd place and off to Round 2!!!!
Finished her AD, ST, SJ titles! OFF to Advanced!

Steeplechase Round 2-----just running for money! SO, I went all out, pushed her like crazy, she dropped some bars, bummer, just put her out of the money :-(( Good girlie! it was fun just running all out and not worrying about a Q :-))

Advanced Gamblers--Q and first place :-))

Starters Snooker-Q and first place and her title! (SS)

Starters Standard---Q and first place, I worked holding and proofing contacts, she did great! Since this was her "fun run" didn't need the Q since we already had our title :-))

Starters Jumpers, poor girlie, she slipped on a turn, her front feet went backward and she fell on her neck and head.....she TRIED to clear the next jump, but she crashed it..I thought she was hurt pretty badly because she would not tug after the run!! And she was chattering her teeth and her pupils were dialated in the sun...she went immediately to the sports medicine therapist there and she got massage...all is OK, she just hit a nerve...she is fine..thank GOD!

Best part is now Klinker is Qualified for USDAA Nationals in Arizona!!!!!!Now onto Gator for Saturday:

Starters Pairs-Q and 1st place and his title!! (SR)
Starters Standard Q and 2nd (finished AD and ST title!)
Starters Jumpers Q and 2nd place
Steeplechase, I goofed up and he went off course...bummer! But he held his own!

Finshed is AD, SR, and ST titles! Off to Advanced!

And Sunday...

Starters Gamblers---Q and 2nd place by just a few points! bummer!

Starters Snooker---Q
Starters Standard--Q and 2nd behind Klinker :-)))

Starters Jumpers-----Q and 2nd place as I was freaking out about Klinker....he ran just 6 dogs after her!!!! So he did almost go off course which cost him first.....but I am surprised I was even able to run him!!!!

They both did so well!!!! Can't wait until the next trial!

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